2021 Holiday Shopping Guide Featuring Small Local Businesses on Maui

Mino McLean - December 14, 2021

As we roll into the 2021 holiday season, we wanted to inspire your holiday shopping with a list of small Maui businesses that make shopping local a walk on the beach! Shopping local is one of the best ways to support our community and give back to those striving to make Maui a better place. We live on an island full of hidden gems, brilliant artists, generous creators, and hard-working small business owners who make Maui the beautiful place that is. 

This year, let's focus on uplifting Maui and all who help make it shine! 


ÂME is an assemblage of carefully selected products that embody the styles, quality, and business practices that we value in our own lives. Their travels and connections to like-minded, innovative creators have inspired them to open their curiosity cabinets to share their favorite companies, artists, and designers through their intriguing collection of foreign and local goods. Check out their Makawao Boutique…

Instagram: @ame.paris.maui


The gift that keeps on giving (back to the environment). A new take on wrapping paper, Wrappily, finds a new purpose for old newspaper presses, creating beautiful double-sided patterns printed on 100% recyclable newsprint. Wrapping paper inside of wrapping paper? I can't think of a better gift. 

Instagram: @wrappily

Pink By Nature

Pink By Nature is a small boutique located on the slopes of Makawao and has been curating beautiful collections of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that combine the laid-back aesthetic with femininity since 2004. Perfect for those who live a simple lifestyle sprinkled with elevated touches that take them from day to night! 

Instagram: @pinkbynature

Jana Lam

Giving a face to the idea of an endless Hawaiian summer, Jana Lam creates fun and vibrant accessories and clothing made with the aloha spirit in mind. Her hand-drawn and hand-printed fabric accessories make a splash using textiles and colors inspired by Hawaii's natural beauty. 

Instagram: @janalam

Driftwood Maui

Inspired by the pursuit of the endless Hawaiian summer, this carefully curated lifestyle boutique is the perfect stop for those who love to accessorize their life with delicate pieces.

Open Monday-Saturday: 10am-5:30pm. 

Instagram: @driftwoodmaui

Holiday and Company

A curated fashion boutique nestled in historic Makawao town, Maui, Holiday and Company is your one-stop-shop for all your staple pieces. Discover their rich fabrics, beautiful leather goods, timeless jewelry, and much more! It's like a candy store for adults who love to dabble in the finer things!

Instagram: @holidayandcompany 

Designing Wahine Emporium

Designing Wahine Emporium and Hale Zen is for anyone who dreams of creating an island oasis in the comfort of their own home. From beach luxe pieces with a slice of aloha and a splash of zen, one-of-a-kind furnishings, crisp linens, home accessories, Maui designer jewelry, island-inspired clothing, and more, they are the one-stop-shop for all your last-minute gift needs. 

Instagram: @designingwahine 

Harvest Dream Girl

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind type of gift for someone special in your life, Reba is your girl. Bringing together the beautiful elements of Maui's many flora and fauna, Reba makes unique and exciting tapestries with her floral creations. She holds weekly flower offerings throughout the seasons where you can pick up or have your creation delivered right to your door. 

Instagram: @harvestdreamgirl 

Hawai'i Flora + Fauna

Any holiday celebration cannot be complete without the gift that runs deep in Hawai'i's bones. Hawai'i Flora + Fauna is my favorite place to find custom leis that pay homage to Hawai'i's deep-rooted craft with a modern twist. Genuinely unique, never the same, this type of wearable art is always filled with aloha. 

Instagram: @hawaiiflorafauna 

Martha Hecker

Inspired by the ceramic traditions of East Asia, Martha Hecker brings her craft to Maui with a modern twist. My work is inspired by the ceramic traditions of East Asia but taken in a contemporary direction. All of Martha's pieces are handmade using a potter's wheel, with aloha in mind. Her functional pottery is the perfect way to infuse art into your everyday life. 

Instagram: @marthahecker 

Sarah Voyer

Sarah Voyer bridges the gap between color and light, using inspiration from the world around her on Maui. Her signature creations stem from flora and fauna to create images such as a hummingbird or cow. You can venture into her shop in Paia, where she has her art textiles, and prints, for a slice of heaven on Earth. Her watercolor works are both fascinating and soothing to the eye. 

Instagram: @sarahvoyer 

Biasa Rose

Biasa Rose is where anything is possible. Their quaint little shop in the heart of Paia is home to all kinds of treasures, including items made locally on Maui and throughout Hawai'i, second-hand treasures, candles, and diffusers inspired by island scents, books and cards, clothing and accessories, and more. You can discover the perfect gift for anyone in your life through their gift finder on their website. 

Instagram: @biasarose 

J.Jewelry Maui

Jane Hehemann creates the most beautiful pieces of jewelry on Maui. Whether it's beaded work, charms, or Tahitian pearls of all colors, her work is sure to bring the brightest smile to anyone on Christmas Day. So wear them to the beach, go out shopping, or gather with friends and family during the holidays. 

Instagram: @j.jewelrymaui 

Maui Cookie Lab

Whether it's a gift box full of delicious cookies, homemade puppy treats, baked loaves, ono pop tarts, or even a custom cookie flavor, Maui Cookie Lab has got your cravings covered this holiday season. Hand-crafted and made right here on Maui, this is the perfect way to add sweetness to any day. Check out their weekly posted schedule for locations. Nationwide shipping! 

Instagram: @mauicookielab

Hamoa Handmade

Channeling the sunshine and peace that 80 degree Maui days bring, Hamoa Handmade uses that to create their beautifully simplistic pieces that capture the essence of Maui. Their hand-crafted and designed jewelry are perfect for days spent in the ocean, driving down the coast in nothing but a bikini and lounging under swaying palms. 

Instagram: @hamoahandmade 

Maui Surf Lessons & Camps 

For the adventure-seeking and thrill-loving people in your life who are looking to discover something new on Maui, Maui Surfer Girls are waiting to welcome them! Receiving the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence from 2013-2020, the Maui Surfer Girls are the best instructors on the island with over 40 years of experience. The classes have a 4:1 student to instructor ratio (the smallest in the industry!) and help anyone feel like a true Maui surfer. 

Instagram: @mauisurfergirls 

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